Welcome to Star Fleet Project. This site was created as a base to house fan made projects based on the characters of the

1982 Space/ Puppet show Star Fleet.

Originally a series made in Japan by the Father of Japanese robot anime Go Nagi, the series was titled X-Bomber.
Following the exploits of the X-Bomber crew and their mission to guard Earth from the relentless attacks of Commander Makara

and the Imperial Alliance.




Site Update 22/09/2019

Site up and working well. Have added links to the Facebook group 
Added galleries for both the Lego and general artworks.

Site Update 23/09/2019

Found a huge amount of old and somewhat lost content. Very old back up CD's containing images, text and files now added to the relevant sections.


A blast from the archives of SFP (well two very crusty and scratched up CD's), the original and possibly lost statue of Commander Makara. 
Sculpted by Dave Surridge and Painted by Mike Egerton it sat with pride of place on the site as a true triumph of fan cooperation and collaberation.

To see more pictures of the statue please refer to our Figures section off shoot in the Projects area.

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